Facial Treatments

The new Natural Elements products are here, and so far everyone who’s tried them is loving them. These are new vegan, crulty free organic facials, free from petro-chemicals, synthetic perfumes and Parabens.

WOW LUXURY FACIAL – £33 (1 hr) – £22 (½ hr)Containing vital oil of peach and essential oils of lavender,geranium & patchouli, this oil gives an vital boost to mature skin. Studies show that vital oils with high levles of vitamin E are able to block aging UVA light. This luxurious oil also aids a relaxing nights sleep.

  • WOW UPLIFTING FACIAL – £33 (1 hr) – £22 (½ hr)

    An excellent anti-aging oil containing vital oils of peach & avacado, orange and jasmine essential oils, is a nutritious blend containing vitamins A, B & C for dry and sensitive skin, protecting it from free radicals and supporting collagen formation.